TERRAPUB Aqua-BioScience Monographs


Vol. 6 (No. 4), pp. 99-127, 2013 doi:10.5047/absm.2013.00604.0099

Oogenesis in Teleost Fish

Hirohiko Kagawa

Laboratory of Fish Reproductive Physiology, Department of Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Miyazaki, Miyazaki 889-2192, Japan

(Received on December 25, 2012; Accepted on March 6, 2013; Online published on December 11, 2013)

Abstract: Oogenesis is a very important biological phenomenon to generate haploid reproductive cells, eggs. Basic information on endocrine control of oogenesis in fish has been accumulated by using a variety of methods, such as histological, biochemical and molecular techniques for over 50 years. This monograph describes basic information on physiological functions of ovarian follicles, as sites of steroidogenesis and growth factor production, and also their physiological roles in oogenesis. Application of basic information to artificial hormonal control of eel reproduction is also mentioned.

Keywords: fish, oocyte growth, oocyte maturation, ovulation, ovarian follicle, steroidogenesis, growth factor, hormonal treatment, eel


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