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Vol. 11, 2018
  • No.1
    Degradation of Plant-derived Carbohydrates in Wetlands
    Tetsuya Ogino, Wen Liu and Haruhiko Toyohara
    (Received on April 17, 2015; Accepted on March 15, 2016; Online published on January 30, 2018)

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Vol. 10, 2017
  • No.1
    Flavor Constituents in Savory Seafood: Dried Kelp (Kombu), Scallop, and Dried Bonito (Katsuobushi)
    Yoichi Ueda and Kenji Fukami
    (Received on November 10, 2015; Accepted on April 13, 2016; Online published on March 10, 2017)

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  • No.2
    A Strategy for Fisheries Resources Management in Southeast Asia: A Case Study of an Inland Fishery around Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia
    Satoshi Ishikawa, Mina Hori and Hisashi Kurokura
    (Received on May 3, 2014; Accepted on January 5, 2015; Online published on March 31, 2017)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 991 KB] [Author's publication list]

  • No.3
    Toxins of Pufferfish—Distribution, Accumulation Mechanism, and Physiologic Functions
    Osamu Arakawa, Tomohiro Takatani, Shigeto Taniyama and Ryohei Tatsuno
    (Received on April 30, 2015; Accepted on September 12, 2016; Online published on October 5, 2017)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 3.7 MB] [Author's publication list]
Vol. 9, 2016
  • No.1
    Physiological Mechanisms of Imprinting and Homing Migration of Pacific Salmon
    Hiroshi Ueda
    (Received on January 22, 2016; Accepted on June 20, 2016; Online published on December 30, 2016)

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Vol. 8, 2015
  • No.1
    L-Amino Acid Oxidase, a Novel Antibacterial Protein in the Rockfish Sebastes schlegeli
    Yoichiro Kitani, Shoichiro Ishizaki and Yuji Nagashima
    (Received on April 12, 2014; Accepted on August 4, 2014; Online published on October 26, 2015)

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Vol. 7, 2014
  • No.1
    Multifunctional Roles of Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone and Melanin-Concentrating Hormone in Fish: Evolution from Classical Body Color Change
    Akiyoshi Takahashi, Kanta Mizusawa and Masafumi Amano
    (Received on July 31, 2012; Accepted on September 17, 2013; Online published on April 21, 2014)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 5.2 MB] [Author's publication list]

  • No.2
    Population Dynamics of Edible Sea Urchins Associated with Variability of Seaweed Beds in Northern Japan
    Yukio Agatsuma
    (Received on October 1, 2013; Accepted on December 24, 2013; Online published on June 30, 2014)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 19.4 MB] [Author's publication list]

  • No.3
    Reproductive Physiology of the Mummichog Fundulus heteroclitus—An Excellent Experimental Fish
    Akio Shimizu
    (Received on September 2, 2013; Accepted on March 25, 2014; Online published on September 19, 2014)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 9.2 MB] [Author's publication list]

  • No.4
    Hypoxia Controlled by Hydrodynamics
    Akihide Kasai
    (Received on December 20, 2013; Accepted on April 15, 2014; Online published on October 24, 2014)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 2.3 MB] [Author's publication list]
Vol. 6, 2013
  • No.1
    Morphological and Physiological Studies on Gonadal Sex Differentiation in Teleost Fish
    Masaru Nakamura
    (Received on April 12, 2010; Accepted on July 10, 2012; Online published on June 27, 2013)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 4.5 MB] [Author's publication list]

  • No.2
    Crustacean Peptide Hormones: Structure, Gene Expression and Function
    Hidekazu Katayama, Tsuyoshi Ohira and Hiromichi Nagasawa
    (Received on May 10, 2012; Accepted on November 13, 2012; Online published on September 10, 2013)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 7.3 MB] [Author's publication list]

  • No.3
    Utilization of Biological Responses of Fish and Shellfish for Improving Seafood Qualities
    Hideki Ushio and Reiko Nagasaka
    (Received on July 28, 2011; Accepted on March 11, 2013; Online published on October 25, 2013)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 1.2 MB] [Author's publication list]

  • No.4
    Oogenesis in Teleost Fish
    Hirohiko Kagawa
    (Received on December 25, 2012; Accepted on March 6, 2013; Online published on December 11, 2013)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 14.4 MB] [Author's publication list]

Vol. 5, 2012
  • No.1
    Evolution of the Cardiorespiratory System in Air-Breathing Fishes
    Atsushi Ishimatsu
    (Received on April 12, 2011; Accepted on October 3, 2011; Online published on September 28, 2012)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 13.2 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.2
    Migratory Behaviors in Masu Salmon (Oncorhynchus masou) and the Influence of Endocrinological Factors
    Arimune Munakata
    (Received on April 1, 2011; Accepted on September 22, 2011; Online published on November 20, 2012)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 4.9 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.3
    Impacts of Large Male-Selective Harvesting on Reproduction: Illustration with Large Decapod Crustacean Resources
    Taku Sato
    (Received on September 7, 2011; Accepted on July 6, 2012; Online published on November 20, 2012)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 2.2 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.4
    Studies on Improvement of Seed Production Techniques in Salmonids and Osmerids
    Shinya Mizuno
    (Received on January 10, 2012; Accepted on June 21, 2012; Online published on December 21, 2012)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 7.8 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

Vol. 4, 2011
  • No.1
    Fundamental Studies on in vivo and in vitro Pearl Formation—Contribution of Outer Epithelial Cells of Pearl Oyster Mantle and Pearl Sacs
    Masahiko Awaji and Akira Machii
    (Received on January 8, 2011; Accepted on May 19, 2011; Online published on September 16, 2011)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 7.5 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.2
    Iron and Phytoplankton Growth in the Subarctic North Pacific
    Shigenobu Takeda
    (Received on September 7, 2009; Accepted on April 28, 2011; Online published on October 15, 2011)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 2.4 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.3
    The Growth Rates of Population Projection Matrix Models in Random Environments
    Tatsuro Akamine and the late Maki Suda
    (Received on June 1, 2011; Accepted on August 3, 2011; Online published on October 15, 2011)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 194 KB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.4
    Analysis of Spermatogenesis Using an Eel Model
    Chiemi Miura and Takeshi Miura
    (Received on March 18, 2011; Accepted on August 25, 2011; Online published on December 26, 2011)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 8.8 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]
Vol. 3, 2010
  • No.1
    Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning Toxins: Biochemistry and Origin
    Masaaki Kodama
    (Received on September 8, 2009; Accepted on October 13, 2009; Published online on April 9, 2010)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 1.9 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.2
    Reproductive Biology of Salmoniform and Pleuronectiform Fishes with Special Reference to Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH)
    Masafumi Amano
    (Received on March 31, 2010; Accepted on June 24, 2010; Published online on August 31, 2010)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 11.5 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.3
    Reproductive Mechanisms in Crustacea Focusing on Selected Prawn Species: Vitellogenin Structure, Processing and Synthetic Control
    Marcy N. Wilder, Takuji Okumura and Naoaki Tsutsui
    (Received on September 9, 2010; Accepted on October 25, 2010; Published online on December 27, 2010)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 11.6 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.4
    Stress Protein HSP70 in Fish
    Michiaki Yamashita, Takeshi Yabu and Nobuhiko Ojima
    (Received on February 2, 2010; Accepted on August 17, 2010; Published online on December 29, 2010)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 6.3 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]
Vol. 2, 2009
  • No.1
    Life History and Evolution of Migration in Catadromous Eels (Genus Anguilla)
    Jun Aoyama
    (Received on May 19, 2008; Accepted on February 4, 2009; Published online on March 3, 2009)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 7.4 MB] [HTML]

  • No.2
    Behavioral Ontogeny of Marine Pelagic Fishes with the Implications for the Sustainable Management of Fisheries Resources
    Reiji Masuda
    (Received on June 12, 2008; Accepted on February 15, 2009; Published online on April 8, 2009)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 2.8 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.3
    Non-linear and Graphical Methods for Fish Stock Analysis with Statistical Modeling
    Tatsuro Akamine
    (Received on March 4, 2008; Revised on March 13, 2009; Accepted on April 28, 2009; Published online on July 28, 2009)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 2.1 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.4
    Ecology of Anguilliform Leptocephali: Remarkable Transparent Fish Larvae of the Ocean Surface Layer
    Michael J. Miller
    (Received on May 12, 2009; Accepted on August 3, 2009; Published online on October 31, 2009)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 9.6 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]
Vol. 1, 2008
  • No.1
    Functional Morphology of Mitochondrion-Rich Cells in Euryhaline and Stenohaline Teleosts
    Toyoji Kaneko, Soichi Watanabe and Kyung Mi Lee
    (Received on April 15, 2008; Accepted on June 18, 2008; Published online on October 10, 2008)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 6.5 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

  • No.2
    Studies on Eel Liver Functions Using Perfused Liver and Primary Cultured Hepatocytes
    Seiichi Hayashi and Akiko Kumagai
    (Received on March 17, 2008; Accepted on June 9, 2008; Published online on December 26, 2008)

    [Contents] [Abstract]  Full Text: [PDF 3 MB] [HTML] [Author's publication list]

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