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Table 17. Life cycle inventory of logging residues: (I) Energy balance.* Reprinted with kind permission from Springer Science + Business Media: Journal of Forest Research, Energy and carbon dioxide (CO2) balance of logging residues as alternative energy resources: System analysis based on the method of a life cycle inventory (LCI) analysis. 10(2), 2005, 125–134. Yoshioka, T, Aruga, K, Nitami, T, Kobayashi, H, Sakai, H, Table 5. © 2005, Springer Japan.

Energy input: "Equipment" energy

Energy input: "Operation" energy

*Energy output: 173,604 GJ/y (18,432 MWhe/y from Table 13) ... [1].
**P., T., and C. refer to the "production," "transportation," and "construction" energies.

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