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Table 18. Life cycle inventory of logging residues: (II) CO2 emission.* Reprinted with kind permission from Springer Science + Business Media: Journal of Forest Research, Energy and carbon dioxide (CO2) balance of logging residues as alternative energy resources: System analysis based on the method of a life cycle inventory (LCI) analysis. 10(2), 2005, 125–134. Yoshioka, T, Aruga, K, Nitami, T, Kobayashi, H, Sakai, H, Table 6. © 2005, Springer Japan.

CO2 emission from the energy input: "Equipment" energy**

CO2 emission from the energy input: "Operation" energy**

*Energy output: 18,432 MWhe/y (from Table 13) ... [1].
**The CO2 emissions from electricity, coal, oil, and light oil per unit energy are 392.33 kgCO2/MWhe, 90.61 kgCO2/GJ, 70.28 kgCO2/GJ, and 21.81 kgCO2/GJ, respectively (Uchiyama and Yamamoto 1992, Korpilahti 1998). The CO2 emission from the energy input in this table is calculated using these values and the energy input into each process in Table 17.

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