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GEochemistry Monograph Series (GEMS)

Executive Editor
Yukihiro Matsuhisa

Geochemistry—a scientific discipline which studies the “geo-world” from a chemistry perspective—has made great advances in the latter half of the past century, developing alongside associated areas of the Earth sciences. Nowadays, it is commonly understood that the realm of geochemistry includes the entire Earth system ranging from the Earth's interior to hydrospheric, atmospheric and biospheric processes, as well as to extraterrestrial fields. All these are intimately related to each other as a dynamic system, and play a role in the evolution of the Earth. More recently, the importance of disequilibrium and kinetic processes in geochemical phenomena is also being recognized. Another example of progress has been made in the chemical, isotopic and mineralogical analysis of microareas of substances in more precise ways. A better understanding of geochemistry and advances in analytical technology proceeds together and each contributes to the other.

In this monograph series, authors review specific subjects of their choice with the aim of highlighting new horizons of geochemistry for the next half a century. Such subjects may include an interpretation of a peculiar geochemical event, a detailed account of a new research method, an expanded lecture note on a particular topic, or an historical review of a specific research field. Authors are encouraged to combine different disciplines, which might point to ways of achieving breakthroughs in unsolved problems. Each Volume of this series will be devoted to a single subject by a single author, or two at most, at a more advanced level than that of a textbook. Although the general background of the subject in question will be reviewed in introductory sections, an emphasis will be placed on the authors' own works. With this approach, the ways of thinking of the authors and their views of future developments will be communicated to readers more clearly. Since modern geochemistry embraces quite a wide range of topics, recent publications usually consist of a synthesis of reviews by multiple authors, from which readers may gain a comprehensive understanding of recent progress in science. We believe, however, writing by a single author will provide a unique view on a specific subject, which we hope will stimulate students to enter into their research topics with their own viewpoints. Originality is most essential for the advancement of science.

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