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Monographs on Environment, Earth and Planets (MEEP)

Series Editors
Professor Atsuhiro Nishida       Professor Hiroo Kanamori

Monographs on Environment, Earth and Planets (MEEP) is a new international electronic periodical by and for scientists engaged in research on Environmental, Earth and Planetary Sciences. It publishes high-quality online monographs written around the authors' own thoughts and achievements. The subjects and authors have been carefully selected by the editorial board members. It is hoped to make MEEP a major contributor to the progress in these research fields.

What is special about MEEP:
1. We are willing to provide PDF to authors and encourage them to utilize their own work in any way such as lecture, textbooks and his/her websites.
2. It is planned that each monograph will be provided freely to libraries and institutions interested in adding it to their archives.
3. Monographs written by single authors are becoming less common, but MEEP monographs are to be written basically by single authors so as to highlight the uniqueness and individuality of their work.

Service for publication and advertisement:
1. Open access: MEEP is open and to be accessed free of charge.
2. English check: For non-English-native authors, we can provide free English proofreading service.
3. Contents service: The publication of each monograph is informed by email to to researchers in the related field.
4. Advertisement: Advertising in EOS, bulletins of related societies etc., and presentations at international meetings are planned.

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