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Editorial Remark (English, Prof. H. Kanamori)

Suggested Types of the Contributions to "Monographs on Environment, Earth and Planets"   H. Kanamori

1.  The mainstream contribution is a monograph# on a given subject, and it can be centered around the work of the author. It is desirable to cover the general background on the subject, but the main emphasis can be on the author's own work. In this case, the intent should be stated in the introductory chapter.
2.  A detailed account of a special event (e.g., earthquake, volcanic eruption, space mission, expedition etc.). It should be more than a sketchy report often seen in "big project" reports; it should contain substantial scientific content. (This may be called "Special Event Category".)
3.  A detailed account of a new method which cannot be normally included in the standard monograph with page limitation.
4.  An in-depth review on historical development of a particular field with a view toward future direction of the field. This may include a collection of historical papers.
5.  Documentation of unusual historical events which have not been understood and published.
     (Explanation: In Earth science, we often observe unusual events, but because of the difficulty in reproducing them, they tend to be unpublished and lost. However, detailed documentation of these events may play an important role when similar events are observed in the future.)
6.  Expanded lecture notes on a particular subject. This is different from the ordinary text books in that the author's view and approach are emphasized.

#A monograph is a work of writing upon a single subject, usually also by a single author. It is often a scholarly essay or learned treatise, and may be released in the manner of a book or journal article. It is by definition a single document that forms a complete text in itself. An author may therefore declare their own work to be a monograph by intent. Normally it is used for a work intended to be a complete and detailed exposition of a substantial subject at a level more advanced than that of a textbook. Monographs form a component of the review literature in science and engineering.

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