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Editorial Remark (English, Prof. A. Nishida)

To Authors of the on-line Monograph series "Monographs on Environment, Earth and Planets"   A. Nishida

The essential ingredient of an attractive monograph is author's perspective. The authors of this series of Monographs are requested to express his/her own ideas on such key subjects as the importance of the topic, critical issues, optimal directions of research, and adopted methodology. In controversial cases please present the opposing views objectively and explain the reason behind your own stand. It is highly desirable that you share your views on the future directions.

On the importance of the author's perspective I found most relevant expressions in a book of Dr. K. Kitahara (1). Let me quote.

"Unlike research papers, monographs should be written with a clear perspective in order to be appealing to its readers. It is not enough just to summarize the past works. Influential monographs in the past were those that revealed the author's philosophy that could not be contained in research papers."

He also wrote;

"Writing monographs offers an opportunity for a researcher to be transformed from a mere piece in the mass of researchers into a leading scientist who opens new directions of research."

I hope that you will take his words as a guide.

(1) Kazuo Kitahara, "What Prigogine has thought", Iwanami Library of Science No. 67 (in Japanese), 1999.

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